Zoo- Wee Mama! There’s no snow today but an awesome new round of Wimp Wars have just HIT the website Wimpy Kid fans!

To celebrate the release of Cabin Fever in paperback next week, we’ve launched plenty of new Cabin Fever questions for our Wimp Wars players.

Should the snow fall this month, and you find yourselves stuck indoors, you can use these new questions to test your Cabin Fever knowledge, hang out with other Wimpy Kid fans online, get busy earning ‘MOM bucks’ and climb to the top of the leader board!

Do you remember the name of Greg’s online pet dog in ‘NET KRITTERZ’ or which family member turned off the electricity in the Heffley family home?! Yes? Then get playing…!

Don’t forget that Cabin Fever is out in paperback on January 31st. Order your copy now.